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Breeding and keeping of horses and ponies

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Guests at The Horse Yard not only have the possibility of admiring horses from afar, but also riding on them.
Members of the horse-riding club regularly participate in Hubert's Cup, just as in horse races organized in the area of The Horse Yard and country-wide, too.

Keeping of other farm animals (MINIZOO)

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Besides horses and ponies, visitors can see, pat and even feed donkies, goats, sheep, dogs and cats ........ All animals are tame and like to be in a company fo people.

Animals and children

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Almost every child loves animals. At our place they have a chance to get to know those ones closer that are not so commonly seen in cities. Feeding donkies or goats by one's hands surely is an experience of a lifetime for younger or even older children. Not to mention riding of a horse....

Adoption of animals

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Lots of abandoned animals have found a second home at The Horse Yard, mostly cats and dogs. Looking after them is rather a challenging task. Now you may become an adoptive parent of some of our animals. More information is given by e-mail ( or on the phone (+421 905 341 078).


Horses at our horse-riding club are used in rehabilitation, especially for those who suffer from problems of movement.

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